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Best supplements for eyes: Take this vitamin supplement to help prevent serious conditions

Eye health is often overlooked, but failing to look after them can put you at increased risk of losing your sight. Several factors can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts, including smoking and drinking too much alcohol. While regular eye tests are encouraged to maintain eye health, diet has also been found… Read More »

James Bond is a 'severe' alcoholic: Academics declare 007 should have been provided with help

James Bond is a ‘severe’ alcoholic: Academics declare 007 should be provided with help to tackle his problem from MI6 Bond drank an average of 4.5 times in each film, a university analysis found In a scene played by Daniel Craig, the character consumes a dangerous 24 units Drinking led to Bond engage in ‘risky’… Read More »

“AIDSfree” Fundraiser to Help Six Cities Worldwide, Including Atlanta

Sir Elton John was in Atlanta to kick off the “AIDSfree” campaign, a holiday fundraiser based in the United Kingdom that will support HIV testing and treatment in six cities across the globe, including Atlanta, reports The Independent. The other cities are Delhi, India; Kiev, Ukraine; London; Maputo, Mozambique; and Nairobi, Kenya. Why is Atlanta… Read More »