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Challenges in Weighing Costs, Therapeutic Benefits of Expensive Pharmaceuticals

December 26, 2018 This article originally appeared here. Share this content: Physicians have a moral obligation to protect their patients from both physical and financial harms associated with pharmaceutical therapies. Physicians have a moral obligation to protect their patients, not only from physical harms but also the financial harms that come with costly drugs that… Read More »

The Burning Question: Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Increasing Burn-Care Costs?

By CELIA BELT  Each year in the United States, half a million Americans will be treated for burns so severe as to require hospitalization. The “survivors”—including more than three hundred children each day and a drastically increasing number of U.S. military members since the turn of the millennium—can be expected to undergo arduous, agonizing surgeries and… Read More »

Medicaid enrollment has flattened, but costs still going up: Survey

For the first time in a decade, states are reporting roughly flat enrollment in Medicaid, according to a new national survey released Thursday, a product of the stronger economy and tightened eligibility requirements. The 50-state survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation also found that Medicaid costs are rising, despite flat enrollment, in part because of… Read More »