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What you need to know about claims of health care ‘firsts’

Spot the word “first” in a headline and you might assume a major milestone has been reached. Think first person on the moon, first woman on the Supreme Court. But in health care news, things heralded for being first might not amount to a clear advance for patients. Take two recent FDA announcements that made… Read More »

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Is everything we know about suncream wrong?

But in recent decades, a cloud has been cast over the sun’s health benefits. It began with Australia’s Slip! Slop! Slap! campaign in 1981, which encouraged the public to slip on a T-shirt, slop on some suncream and slap on a hat to reduce the country’s rising rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin… Read More »

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Concerns About Keto Diets

There are many concerns about Keto Diets. The primary one is that these diets eliminate too many healthful foods to be advisable for the general population. This diet may help you lose weight but as with any diet, the weight will come back when you return to your old way of eating. If you are diabetic… Read More »

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